1592 a godlye order or remedye for the abolishing of diuers abvses thending to the prophanation of the lordes Sabaoth & Christian religion namely yat a great number of evill disposed persons of the yonger sorte have not onelye neglected theire dewtifull resorte to the church vpon Sondaies & holidaies, beinge led awaye with vaine & phantasticall delightes (much more lyke Infydelles then christians) have verye often & yat by great troupes mayde yer repaire eyther to Ruchbearinges Burkes/ may powles/ may games/ morris dance/ gilldalles/ Somergames/ with other pypinges & daunsinges allso feastes/ drinkinges/ Stage plaies/ rydiculus shewes/ wakes and that yer is a generall abvse at burialles not onelye by excessive Ringing of belles in Yorkshire North Riding


Yorkshire North Riding
High Commission Order for the Suppression of Entertainments
Yorkshire Archaeological Society: DD56/S
ff [1–1v ] (7 August)


Records of Early English Drama: Yorkshire North Riding. Edited by David N. Klausner. https://ereed.library.utoronto.ca/collections/yksnr/, 2021. Accessed 24 June 2023.




Yorkshire North Riding