The Musicians in Ordinary are dedicated to exploring the solo song and vocal chamber music of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Named for the “musicians in ordinary for the lutes and voices,” the singers and lutenists who performed in the Stuart monarchs’ most intimate chambers, the Musicians In Ordinary explore the historical and cultural context of the music of the Renaissance at home, in court, in Shakespeare’s theatre and beyond.

Led by lutenist John Edwards, the Musicians in Ordinary have committed over two decades to authentic scoring, historical pronunciation, and playing techniques of the period, frequently collaborating with other singers and instrumentalists.

Described as “winning performers of winning music,” MIO place their repertoire in cultural context through a diverse selection of programming, including lectures and performances at universities in literature, history and art departments, and at museums and other institutions. MIO’s podcast series, hosted by John Edwards, invite specialists in the area of history, religion, literature, theatre and music for in depth discussions around central themes against a backdrop of readings and musical performances of the period.

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